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Prudentia - Which advice has helped you the most during your career?
The way to success is not an's the stairs. And that we need to do twice as much to create something solid, especially because we're located in Saint-Petersburg.

Iustitia - What’s something in the hospitality-industry which you can’t stand?
All the show-biz snobbery and absolute lack of gratefulness and eagerness to learn. This counts for the bartenders and guests as well.

Temperantia - What’s your guilty pleasure regarding food & drinks?
Mexican Junk Food at 6 a.m. In the 30 degrees Celsius climate in the middle of nowhere!

Fortitudo - On which point in your career did you needed the most courage?
To give up the employees attitude and start a venue in a country that's late in the industry for 100 years.

Fides - What’s your ritual to find some peace after a busy period?
So far we're blessed enough not be needing any rest after our projects.

Caritas - Which positive reaction of a customer do you remember most vividly?
There was a moment when our guests met each other, fell in love, married and had a baby with the help of our bar. That was intense!

Spes - What do you hope to achieve in the future on career-level?
We want to be a reliable mentors for our followers (employees, guests, friends) and that's already a permanent activity that makes us happy and proud.