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Prudentia - which advice has helped you the most during your career?
Keep your eyes and your ears open to everything. Don’t reject anything until you work on it. That’s the most useful advice I had in my life.

Iustitia - what’s something in the hospitality-industry which you can’t stand?
Sometimes I don’t like bartender’s attitude to their guests. People are not obliged to know which is the best vermouth or the best negroni. People often come to our bars just to have good time and enjoy the night with their friends.

Temperantia - what’s your guilty pleasure regarding food&drinks?
I love desserts.. My guilty pleasure? Chocolate.


Fortitudo - on which point in your career did you needed the most courage?
There are a lot of people who’ll tell you, you’re not good or you can’t do this job right. Is the point that makes you stronger.

Fides - what’s your ritual to find some peace after a busy period?
For sure holidays in a city outside of Greece. I love Berlin and Paris. Or a Greek island if it’s summer.

Caritas - which positive reaction of a customer do you remember most vividly?
I love when my customers say ‘’I trust you, make me whatever you want!’’

Spes - what do you hope to achieve in the future on career-level?
I don’t really like the word career when I’m talking about bartending.. Bartending is pleasure. It’s a hobby and job at the same time. I hope to continue travelling around the world and discovering new cultures and making new friends.